Interesting tool that you should be using to understand how GIT Branching works

Learn GIT couldn't be more fun

Posted by Cedulio Cezar on August 25, 2016 · 1 min read

If you reached this blog post you should notice how good is GIT, so I won’t try co convince you that GIT is awesome and you really should be using it =D.

From time to time I stumble upon some developers that don’t know GIT or sometimes get confused how it works specially about branching and merge.

Learn git branching image


Learngitbranching.js is a website that present graphically some concepts of GIT Branching and some exercises in a very fun way.

What concepts Learngitbranching would teach me?

There is an introduction sequence where it presents an introduction of to the majority of git commands and then in next lessons it starts to mix everything presented.

Local level

The second part is more related to working with remote, you will learn how to merge and send your commits to the remote repository.

Remote level

If you have problems understanding english, the good news is that was translated to a bunch of languages =)

Remote level

Why not just read the official documentation?

I know, the documentation is awesome but people are different and maybe other will learn more easily with a graphical representations.

Nuff said

I just can’t tell how good this is. Peter Cottle did an awesome job on this so I really encourage you to visit and give it a try!